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Trust & Estate Administration

Preserving And Managing Your Assets For Future Generations

The fiduciary division of Chemung Canal Trust Company was established in 1903 and has a long-standing commitment to providing comprehensive trust services. With more than 100 years of experience with fiduciary services, Chemung Canal is a leader in trust and estate administration in upstate New York. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team of professionals is guided by unwavering principles of discretion, integrity and service. Our team is committed to keeping current with the constantly changing fiduciary and tax laws and rules. We are dedicated to being accessible and responsive to our clients' needs. We will work to ensure that your wishes as expressed in your fiduciary documents are honored.

Trust and Estate Services

Generations of families have relied on Chemung Canal Trust Company to help guide them in the preservation and transfer of their hard-earned assets. Knowing that your wealth will be transferred to your heirs as efficiently as possible can bring tremendous relief. Our goal is to give you the confidence that your estate will be administered prudently, efficiently, impartially and with the highest level of confidentiality making the process and transfer more manageable.

Our highly skilled professionals work with you, ideally in the planning stage, examining the most appropriate vehicles to achieve your goals. Proper planning can take into account the special concerns of young families with minor children, families with children or other dependents having special needs, business owners who need to address the critical issue of succession planning or grandparents who might want to help their grandchildren go to college. Appropriate planning can also involve preserving what you've spent a lifetime building by addressing the financial impact of long-term care and other estate-eroding expenses. Even if you already have a plan in place, we can objectively review it to ensure that your wills, trusts and other solutions distribute your wealth to family, charities and those important to you as efficiently as possible.

Our fiduciary advisers have the expertise and sensitivity to manage fiduciary administration effectively and capably. In addition to providing ongoing reporting and open communication with beneficiaries, we will objectively manage the complexities of the fiduciary role, ensuring that your wishes, as expressed in the fiduciary documents, are adhered to. By prudently managing your investments, striving to minimize tax liabilities, and ensuring the reliable disbursement of funds, we are here for you, as well as for your heirs and beneficiaries, every step of the way. Our team of advisers also take the time to help beneficiaries with other aspects of their financial situation, as needed.

Allowing us to look after your interests provides continuity in the process and peace of mind that we will be here for you, as well as your heirs and beneficiaries, ensuring that your legacy lives on.