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15 Reasons Why Business Loans Are Critical for Post-Pandemic Financial Recovery

The economic toll of the pandemic has meant business owners need more access to business loans than ever before. Business loans are critical for post-pandemic financial recovery and can provide much-needed capital to help fast-track the economic recovery process. Some companies and entrepreneurs are finding the ability to access loans and credit more difficult, making it harder for them to invest in themselves and their businesses. Luckily, there are ways a business loan can help. Let's review several reasons why this type of funding is critical.


1. Expanding


A business loan can help finance the expansion of a business. Whether it's purchasing new equipment and materials, or even hiring new employees, having access to funds makes it easier to build on existing infrastructure and grow a business. Additionally, businesses that have been negatively impacted by the pandemic may find opportunities to pivot and invest in alternate areas which a loan can help finance.


2. Improving Access to Credit


Having access to business loans helps entrepreneurs improve their credit scores. A good credit score is essential for businesses looking for additional financing options or seeking investors. Additionally, many lenders are willing to extend more favorable terms and conditions when a borrower has a good credit score. As you build better business credit, you can obtain more funds with better terms. Better terms mean lower interest rates. When interest rates add up, they become an expensive burden that will make it harder to pay back the loan principal.


3. Accessing Capital


Sometimes it can be hard to access various levels of capital. While many start-ups may get venture capital funding, certain types of businesses may not be eligible. This is where the help of a business loan comes in. With this type of financing, a business can acquire the funds they need to get off the ground and make investments that can help them grow.


4. Tax Benefits


Business loans can provide tax benefits. Depending on the type of loan and its purpose, businesses may be eligible for deductions or other tax benefits. As the pandemic has disrupted many businesses, these tax benefits can be invaluable to small and medium enterprises.


5. Maintaining Cash Flow


With the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, having access to a business loan can help businesses maintain their cash flow. It can be particularly useful if the business needs access to capital quickly to prevent losses due to unexpected events. This can also help businesses transition into a new market or sector if needed.


6. Flexibility


There's a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to business loans. Depending on the loan, lenders may allow borrowers to use funds for various purposes. It could include investments in equipment, technology, marketing campaigns, and more. This flexibility allows businesses to use funds in the most effective way possible. On the other hand, venture capital can be more restrictive when it comes to how businesses use funds.


7. Faster Access to Funds


Does your company need access to capital quickly? A business loan service can provide faster access to funds. This is crucial during post-pandemic financial recovery where businesses may need to move quickly to capitalize on market opportunities. Additionally, many lenders have streamlined their application process, allowing for quick approvals and faster access to funds. In some instances, applicants may be able to receive the funds in as little as two days.


8. Lowering Interest Rates


Typically, business loans have lower interest rates than other forms of financing. For example, credit cards may be more expensive due to their high-interest rates. Accessing low-interest business loans helps with long-term recovery, plus it allows owners to make investments later. Moreover, businesses may be able to negotiate lower interest rates with lenders depending on their credit score and other factors.


9. Increasing Chances of Survival


The pandemic has caused significant financial strain for many businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses closed up shop during the early stages of the pandemic and never returned. But with the help of business loans, businesses can increase their chances of survival and financial recovery. It gives them access to vital capital they need to adjust to new market conditions, invest in technology, and make other strategic investments.


10. Avoiding Personal Funds


When some entrepreneurs start, they may have to use their own funds to help get the business off the ground. However, as your company grows, it may be beneficial to look into other sources of financing. It's important to remember that a business loan can help reduce the financial burden on personal funds and provide more stability for your company.


11. Separating From Personal Finances


Applying for a business loan also helps separate personal funds from company finances. It gives business owners more control over company financial decisions and creates a buffer between personal and company banking. The funds also create a sense of security as businesses can access them when needed. Plus, your personal funds are for your home and personal living expenses, not for business.


12. Building Reputation


When you successfully apply for and pay back business loans, you can build a solid reputation with lenders. This can help you access larger loans when needed and make it easier to gain approval for future loans. It also shows you have a financial history of making wise investments and meeting your financial obligations. A business loan service will be more likely to lend to you if they have a history of successful repayments.


13. Avoiding Government Red Tape


In 2020, the number of businesses seeking non-pandemic-related government funding decreased from 43% in 2019 to 37%, according to Finder. It's likely due to the long and complicated application process. A business loan service can be a great alternative since they are relatively easy to apply for and lenders don't usually require complicated paperwork or long turnaround times. A shorter waiting period for approval can determine if a business has enough time to get orders ready for peak times.


14. Encouraging Smaller Businesses


Many small businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, and some may be reluctant to ask for assistance. Business loan services can provide a springboard for these small businesses to get back on the right track and begin their financial recovery journey. Small businesses may include pop-up shops, restaurants, and more. By providing business loans to small businesses, lending services can help drive the economy forward.


15. Giving Big Banks Competition


Big banks may have been the king of lending, but with the emergence of online business loan services, they are now facing some competition. Your local business loan service provides an alternative to large banks, offering competitive rates and fewer hoops to jump through when securing financing.


If you have a business that needs help in the post-pandemic financial recovery landscape, then applying for a business loan could be the answer. Take advantage of vital capital in the form of a business loan to help make strategic investments, invest in technology, or just provide some financial stability. Not having the connections or company size for venture capital shouldn't stop any talent from starting, maintaining, or expanding a business of any size. Contact our local business loan service at Chemung Canal Trust Company today so we can help your commercial recovery.