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Investment Services

Helping you build and preserve your wealth requires the guidance and expertise of an experienced and objective financial adviser. At Chemung Canal Trust Company, our investment team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable investment professionals whose individual expertise is recognized not only by our clients, but by the industry at large, with our analysts having provided their expertise on local, regional or even national media outlets.

We believe the starting point to achieving your financial goals is to listen and appreciate the unique needs of each client. We do not simply recommend individual investments, rather, we work closely with you to construct a portfolio that reflects your goals, timeframe and risk tolerance.

Investment Approach

At Chemung Canal, we use a disciplined approach to investing. We combine cost effective market exposure through mutual and exchange traded funds (both active and passive strategies) with research based individual security investments.

Our investment team considers measures of value, competitive advantage and management stewardship when making investment decisions.

Because financial climates and opportunities change, we continually assess the financial markets using comprehensive research and analytical tools. We have access to a vast resource of cutting-edge technology, expert analysis and up-to-the-minute information sources to make informed investment decisions.

Personal Investment Accounts

With a personal investment account with Chemung Canal we work with you to analyze your financial and personal information so that we can match your objectives with appropriate, time-tested strategies. Current accumulation of assets, holdings, tax considerations and individual risk tolerance are some of the core aspects which will be examined and reviewed in order to allow us to develop your individual financial plan.

Institutions and Not-For-Profits

Chemung Canal Trust Company manages numerous investment accounts for a variety of institutional and not-for-profit clients. Our investment professionals work to find the investment strategies best tailored to meet your specific investment objectives and spending needs. We work with you to understand your organization's long-term objectives and short-term operational needs. As a full service bank, we can help develop and manage your organization's endowment or retirement funds, assist with capital planning and credit needs, as well as providing banking and cash management assistance. You will work with dedicated investment professionals who understand the importance of these funds to your long-term viability and success.

Our investment professionals utilize qualitative and quantitative research to recommend investment solutions designed to achieve the desired risk-adjusted return while maintaining the appropriate level of liquidity. Your investment team will continually monitor and review your organization's investment program and make proactive adjustments as needed.