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Business Checking (2019)

We recently updated our Business Checking Accounts to better fit your needs.

For details on accounts that were opened prior to the year 2020, please see below.

Simple Business Checking

If your business has a lower volume of monthly transactions (paid checks, deposited items and electronic items), Simple Business Checking is for you!

  • By maintaining an average available balance of $500, you will receive 300 free transactions each month. If the average available balance falls below $500, or if more than 300 transactions are made, a service charge will be assessed. *Minimum $25 required to open account.

Analyzed Business Checking

If your business has a higher volume of monthly account activity (paid checks, deposited items and electronic items), Analyzed Business Checking will meet your needs.

  • We will determine your monthly account activity fees. *Minimum $25 required to open account.

NOW Account

This account provides individuals, municipalities and all organizations, associations and corporations that are designated as not-for-profit, with the convenience of check-writing privileges, while earning interest on the entire available balance.

  • Minimum deposit to open is $1,000. If the average daily available balance falls below $1,000, a service charge will be imposed and no interest will be earned. You will receive a variable interest rate that is tiered based on the amount in the account. 

Want to learn more about our new and improved Business Checking Accounts?

Simply click on the button below to learn more. 

New! Business Checking

*Transactions include checks paid and deposited, deposit tickets and electronic transactions. Please refer to our Business Account Fee Schedule for our current fees.