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We are not satisfied until you are. To provide you the outstanding customer service that you deserve, we need your input. Please take a few moments and give us your opinions by completing this questionnaire. We promise to use your comments and suggestions to identify ways to serve you better. For immediate response, please call the Contact Center at (607) 737-3711 or toll-free at (800) 836-3711.

While not required, please consider including your name, phone number and email address so that we may respond to your feedback or contact you.


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1. Employees give me their undivided attention.
2. The bank listens to me and offers solutions based on my needs.
3. My questions and concerns are handled promptly and efficiently.
4. Employees handle my business accurately and confidentially.
5. The bank offers all the financial products and services I need.
6. The bank's employees are knowledgeable.
7. My interactions with the bank are a pleasant experience.
8. Employees take time to answer my questions thoroughly.
9. The bank cares about me.
10. The bank's employees make a difference in where I choose to bank.


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