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We recognize that, even under the best of circumstances, mistakes or events happen which could result in an account being overdrawn. That's why Courtesy Pay was created and that's why it is important for you to enroll in this program.

Our Courtesy Pay program is a non-contractual service which allows the bank's discretionary payment of overdrafts for those accounts maintained in good standing. There is no charge to have Courtesy Pay available with your account; however a $35.00 fee is charged each time you utilize the service.

What You Need to Know about Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees

An overdraft occurs when a check, debit card, ATM or other electronic transaction is presented to the bank and the balance in your account is insufficient to settle the transaction. Depending on your arrangements with the bank, we can resolve your overdrafts in the following manners:

To learn more, stop by any of our conveniently located branch offices, or call us at 1-800-836-3711.

What are the standard overdraft practices that come with my account?

Overdraft Policy

It is the policy of the Bank to comply with applicable laws and regulations, and to conduct business in a SAFE and SOUND manner.

Insufficient balances may result from:

All transactions that post to your account and result in an overdraft are subject to a Non-Sufficient Funds Fee.

The Bank pays items posted to your account in the order of:

We are not obligated to pay any item presented for payment if the account does not contain sufficient collected funds. However, if the accountholder maintains the account in good standing, defined as

Generally, we will not pay an overdraft in total excess of $500 for Personal Checking accounts. These limits include our Non-Sufficient Funds fee.

We may refuse to pay an overdraft at any time, even though we may have previously paid the overdrafts. The accountholder will be notified by mail of any Non-Sufficient Funds items paid or returned that the account may have. However, we have no obligation to notify the accountholder before we pay or return an item. The amount of any overdrafts, plus our Non-Sufficient Funds fees that the accountholder owes us are due and payable upon demand.

If we pay an overdraft on an account with more than one (1) owner on the signature card, each owner, and/or agent where applicable, drawing/presenting the item, thereby creating the overdraft, is jointly and severally liable for such overdrafts plus our Non-Sufficient Funds fees.

Limitations: This feature is available only to personal accounts (excluding Money Market accounts) for personal and household use. We may limit the number of accounts eligible for Courtesy Pay to one account per household. Additionally, we reserve the right to not approve any overdrafts against any account until we can verify that the account is being maintained in good standing, as defined above.

Account Fees: Whether we pay or return a Non-Sufficient Funds item, a per-item fee will be charged to your account as a Non-Sufficient Funds fee. Personal accounts will not receive per-item fees in excess of 5 items per day. If the account is not brought to a positive balance after 5 business days an additional sustained overdraft fee will be assessed. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for a listing of the current fees.

Courtesy Pay Disclaimer: The Bank’s Courtesy Pay plan is a non-contractual courtesy and is discretionary. It is not an obligation of the bank and the bank may refuse to provide the courtesy on any personal checking account at any time and from time to time. The accountholder does not have a contractual right to Courtesy Pay and courtesy payment is not guaranteed by the Courtesy Pay plan.

On June 30, 2010, banking legislation changed and now requires that we must have your written authorization to participate in this program. If you haven't done so already, please complete and submit the authorization form below.

If you have questions about Courtesy Pay, our overdraft policies or any other bank product, please feel free to call us at 800-836-3711, or stop by any of our convenient office locations.

By completing this opt-in form and submitting it electronically, you are electing to add our Courtesy Pay service to your account(s) listed below.

*I would like to be enrolled in the bank's Courtesy Pay program for the account(s) referenced below. I understand the terms and conditions that apply to the Courtesy Pay program. I understand that this is a non-contractual service and requires my account to remain in good standing.

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I understand that I may discontinue the Courtesy Pay service at any time, at no fee, by contacting the bank at 1-800-836-3711, or by visiting any of our branch office locations. A copy of the bank's Overdraft policy has already been provided, but an additional copy can be obtained by calling the bank, or visiting any of our branch offices.

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